Traditional townhouse in Eyragues


This property had been in the family for generations, but imagination was required to envisage the conversion project that would turn the house into a place for the grandchildren to live and enjoy.

Part of the house had been used as a builder’s storeroom. In addition, a metal shed covered the whole potential garden area, which was to become part of the newly-converted family home.

The interesting features in the old part of the house were incorporated as items to be kept during the conversion (entrance hall and terazzo staircase, dimensions of the door openings, etc.).

However, the western part of the house, which was to be rebuilt, provided the opportunity to fit bay windows to fill the living rooms with natural light. The kitchen/living area and the dining room both feature these large windows, which have the visual effect of extending the rooms, forming a blend of indoors and outdoors.

There is room upstairs for the parents and children to have their own space, without tripping over one another.
The family were keen to think carefully about the interior design. The mother and daughter got heavily involved in the project, and an individual story could be told about the materials, lights and colours that were chosen for each room. Our detailed designs were annotated, commented and amended, until the owners were happy. They are now delighted with the results, after all the efforts and the many months of dreaming of their new home on the edge of their village.

Location: Eyrargues
Net floor area: 480 m2
Project duration : 16 months
Completed in 2014

Mas de ville à Eyrargues : croquis