Research center in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence


As part of the reorganisation of the HM Clause, larger staff numbers were assigned to the Saint Rémy de Provence research station, requiring the buildings to be enlarged. Clearly defined specifications were drawn up for the two existing buildings and a new equipment storehouse. A number of greenhouses were also to be installed (in glass and other materials), and all of this work was planned on a site where activity would be ongoing during construction.

Centre de recherche : croquis

Existing buildings had a metal framework which was ideal for developments due to its flexibility and speed of installation. The main building now brings together the old and new parts with a bright connecting area featuring a glass canopy. For the comfort of staff, a variety of workspaces are available, with some workstations looking out over the seedlings and fruit, and other more closed off office areas. The modern equipment, changing rooms and large staff areas were other important elements in this building with its very specific design, essential for the teams at the research centre.

Location: Saint-Rémy-de-Provence
Net floor area: 2 766 m2
project duration : 10 months
Completed in 2014