Audi dealer in Nice


This project concerned three out of four existing stories in a building with a total surface area of 11,000m² (c. 120,000 sq. ft). The company maintained its activity during the works. The project was a true renovation, and its particularity was the very precise specifications, which even defined the use of materials.

The renovated spaces were the sales showroom, the mechanical workshop and its reception desk and the vehicle delivery area.

Floors, walls and ceilings were completely redone, along with the specific transformations of the five brands of the site. The refurbished car centre integrated custom-made furniture. Everything fitted in with the context of the existing building, already dedicated to the world of cars.

Location : Nice
Net floor area: 2 500 m2
Project duration : 2,5 months
Completed in 2008

Concession automobile à Nice : croquis