L'esprit Culinaire restaurant in Châteaurenard


Marc de Passorio is quite a character! The L’Esprit Culinaire restaurant finally came into being as a result of ideas that he had been brewing for some time. The concept is a friendly brasserie with open kitchens which creates a transparent relationship between the Chef and his guests. It is a place where they can enjoy traditional recipes reinterpreted with a twist of talent, savour delicious gourmet or prestigious wines from the wine bar which serves classic vintages by the glass...In a word, everything Marc could think of that would make for a gourmet stopover at Chateaurenard.

L'esprit Culinaire, restaurant à Châteaurenard : croquis

The renovation of this venue with a brilliant location in a small town that is developing fast quickly focussed on creating a foretaste to the show that is the meal. The whole thing has a simple and elegant feel, but the eye is drawn to the finer details like the presentation of the wine and the materials of the decor (corian, zebrawood panelling, etc.).

The kitchen is at the heart of the establishment, but shares that star status with the “extras” that decorate the restaurant, like the wines, rare spirits and cigars…everything required for the ultimate culinary experience!

Location: Châteaurenard
Net floor area: 235 m2
Project duration : 3,5 months
Completed in 2013