Chocolaterie in Châteaurenard


This last remaining plot on the very active Barret business park in Chateaurenard seemed to have been abandoned. However, for the Chocolaterie de l’Opéra, then based in Avignon, this space offered the potential to create a modern facility and restore a traditional farmhouse.

The project quickly took shape: the production facility would be distinctly modern, the offices would be visible from the entrance, to take advantage of the location and the positive image of their activity from the street, and enough space would be left around the farmhouse to allow for a future display area. The whole project would respect the architecture and garden, which are steeped in regional tradition.

Modernity and tradition sit side by side, witnesses to the different varieties of high-quality chocolate produced on site.

Fabrique de chocolat à Châteaurenard : croquis

Location: Châteaurenard
Net floor area: 1 100 m2
Project duration: 8 months
Completed in 2012